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But with the vast amount of physical variation among breeds, there's also not a consistent degree of bite strength in the species. In other words, you'll probably walk away in better shape from a Yorkshire Terrier's bite than a bite from, say, a snarling Rottweiler. The breed that is considered to have the strongest bite of all dogs is the Mastiff, with some estimates putting its bite at more than psi. German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls also have notably strong bites. Letter carriers beware. Share This on Facebook? It may surprise you to see the villain from "Jaws" positioned so low on this list.

After all, shark attacks stand for many of us as the quintessential deadly animal attack.

Florida man pries his dog from alligator's mouth

And even if you don't have a particular fear of sharks, meeting a Great White while taking a dip in the ocean is the most likely the very last animal encounter you'd ever wish for. Indeed, don't let this ranking dissuade you from the notion that Great Whites are as deadly as you've always thought. But it's mainly the size and shape of the sharks' teeth that make them so dangerous. With mouths full of huge razors, they simply don't need an excess of force in order to tear through you like a knife through warm butter. That's not to say that psi of chomping power is anything to sneeze at.

We're still talking about the 11th most forceful bite on the planet.

He may be king of the jungle, but the lion isn't king of this list, even among felines as you'll see. At approximately pounds per square inch, the lion's bite is relatively weak compared to that of other big cats.

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In our nightmares, being attacked by a lion may be all about being pounced on and torn to ribbons with flying claws and rending teeth. But the way most cats take down their prey is more subtle than that. When a lion attacks a wildebeest or buffalo, it clamps its jaws down on its victims throat, crushing the trachea. Once the prey is dead from suffocation, the pride feasts. Even though a lion's bite is "weak" although still six times that of a human , their jaws are only one weapon in their arsenal, so don't start thinking it's a smart idea to go out and poke a lion with a stick.

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Bears are only No. Not that there's much cute about an angry, pound grizzly, but between teddy bears, Winnie the Pooh and other pop-culture bear icons, humanity seems to have a long-standing wish to see these beasts as mere pot-bellied, sunny-dispositioned cuties that want nothing more out of life than honey and hugs.

If you see one in the wild, though, don't dare try rubbing its tummy. A bear's psi bite is enough to crush a bowling ball. And bear attacks aren't particularly rare, either. If you plan on hiking or camping anywhere there are bears i. A bear is liable to attack you if it perceives you as any kind of a threat to its territory, food or family. Or it may just be hungry, and you look delicious. Don't end up like these folks. If you ever went freshwater swimming as a kid, you might have had a friend or a sibling who teased you about dangerous snapping turtles waiting to bite off your fingers and toes.

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If we're talking about the common snapping turtle, which are fairly docile and harmless, you probably had nothing to worry about. But if you happened upon an alligator snapping turtle, you might actually have been in danger of losing a digit or two. Though it is the smallest animal on this list, the alligator snapping turtle's bite packs enough of a punch to slice through finger bones with ease. Granted, that kind of trauma is very rare because these turtles are uncommon and not particularly aggressive, but amputated fingers are not completely unheard of.

Plus, alligator snapping turtles can live to be around years old, and you know how cranky the elderly can be sometimes.

American alligator

Just watch where you step the next time you take a dip in the creek. Of the big cats, tigers have been the deadliest to humans, although this is due mostly to tigers living closely with us in India and other parts of Asia. But it remains true that they are among nature's finest predators. They are the largest big cat, and with a bite force of around 1, psi, they bite almost twice as hard as lions do.

Perhaps that's why lions hunt in packs to take down their prey, while tigers are perfectly content — and efficient — flying solo.

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No teamwork needed, not with jaws like that. Even a trained tiger who's "just playing" can do some serious damage.

Animal attacks - Crocodiles attack monkeys! Wild dogs vs warthog

For example, Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy was the victim of the most famous tiger attack when his show tiger, Montecore, attacked him during a performance. Some experts claim that after Horn tripped accidentally, Montecore was only trying to help by using his maw to grip the entertainer by the throat and drag him off-stage. The tiger's "assistance" ended Horn's career and almost claimed his life. Hyenas suffer from a pop-cultural reputation as cowardly scavengers. Most have us have seen "The Lion King," right? It's mostly undeserved. Although hyenas are indeed scavengers — but hey, so are dogs — they do hunt and kill their own food the majority of the time.

With their aggression, and a biting force that rates as one of the most powerful of all mammals on Earth, hyenas have even been known to chase off lions in order to claim prey for themselves.

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Take that, Mufasa. And whether you're talking about fresh kills or scavenged caracasses, hynenas are ravenous and leave little behind. When feeding, they routinely shatter and consume bone using their mega-powerful jaws. Shuddering yet? If you plan on camping in hyena territory, beware. They may attack unprovoked. Just this summer, hyenas attacked a sleeping Kenyan family in the middle of the night, killing two children and injuring six other people.

Gorillas are the largest of all our primate cousins. With huge, muscular, tree-trunk-like arms and enormous canine teeth biting down at a strength of 1, pounds per square inch, a pound silverback adult male gorilla certainly cuts an imposing figure. That said, these gentle giants are little threat to people. Luckily, the Labrador and its courageous owner were not seriously hurt. An FWC officer said the dog was taken to the vet and both the pet and owner had only suffered minor injuries during the incident.

He surmised that the man's injuries occurred when he was prying the dog from the gator's grip. It was not immediately clear if the man had been bitten by the alligator during the incident. Local resident Kelley Ann Ayers, of Nokomis Beach, said on social media that she took an image of the animal from a dock when it was spotted in the area the week prior to the Labrador attack.

Remarkably they are both OK! The big mouth of hippos contains large incisors and canines. These canine and incisors measure 1. They also sharpen their teeth by grinding. Hippos use their large teeth to fight with external threats. Weighing up to lbs, hippos have a stocky look.

Their legs are also short. Despite these physical features, hippos could run at a speed of 19 mph. They are very aggressive and totally unpredictable. Hippos would attack even without provocation. Measuring Not the size but the bite force makes American Alligator so special. With exceptionally powerful jaws, American alligators could tear the prey into pieces. A fully grown American alligator has teeth. If one tooth wears down, it would be replaced by a new one.